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The goal isn't only to produce unique and unforgettable live music experiences, but to ensure we have a positive impact on the local community while enriching the local music scene 

These standards have defined our work since day one

Silent Disco

Savage Live Music has been producing Silent Disco events since 2012 utilizing DJs, live musicians, and combination projects to bring studio quality sound to any location without worrying about bothering the neighbors (or pulling permits).  Currently we handle silent disco headphone produced shows of all sizes for Snohomish County, Skagit County, and Northern Baja.  We specialize is fully-off grid setups, allowing you to produce your event in literally any location.

PROJECT ACTS:  OFIER, Among Authors, Halley Greg, Casius and the Moon, Four Minutes til Midnight, and many more


We are excited to announce the launch of Baja Roots, a world music festival combining the sounds of top artists from Los Angeles to Ensenada to be held on October 14th in Rosarito, Baja California with the backdrop of the mighty Pacific.  Profits from the event will support local orphanages both through direct donation and by funding sustainable projects managed by Baja Angels of the Sea, a non-profit operating out of Puerto Nuevo.  Over ten acts will perform on two stages throughout the event, with Big Mountain, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and Somos Uno already confirmed, live art will be auctioned between sets, while kids from local orphanages will learn about protecting the oceans and local waterways from the experts at La Jolla Scripps Institute.

PROJECT ACTS:  Eek-A-Mouse, Big Mountain, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Lawgiver, Top Shelf, Somos Uno, RebelShakedown, Divina Jasso, Indica Roots, Yax Balam, ZaraGilbertt, LaGanjahRevoluzion, 
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Savage Live Music was brought on for main stage management year one and year three of the event.  Run of show execution, backline management, while overseeing multiple contractors handling sound, lighting, and stage security.  Savage Live Music also helped the festival up their video production with partners, Hitmark Group.  For all our consulting efforts, we cater to the artist while ensuring production is executed to the vision of the festival founders.

PROJECT ACTS:  Big Gigantic, STS9, Lettuce, The Floozies, Boombox, Clozee, Knower, The Motet, Dirtwire, Moontricks, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and many more


Working closely with the management and staff, Savage Live Music, produced and promoted successful events for four years from the first month the doors opened in 2015.  Now one of the premier music venues in downtown San Diego, the venue supports local music as much as it hosts the Nation's top acts. 

We look forward to continue working together following the pandemic with more shows coming in late 2021.

PROJECT ACTS:  Seedless, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Dead Feather Moon, Trouble in the Wind, Midnight Pine, Barbarian, Oliver Trolley, King Washington, Red Not Chili Peppers, and more
Red Not Chili Peppers Music Box SD (33 o


A symboitic event and epic journey created with the producers of Los Cabos Open of Surf to bring the music of Southern California to the beaches of Mexico.  Fans joined the wild crew of 30+ musicians as they traveled down Highway 1 through the hashtag #caravan2cabo, while artists performed at schools and orphanages along the way.  Musical instruments were donated at each stop thanks to Taylor Guitars and individual contributors.  Once at the final destination, bands performed for a packed crowd of 5000+ locals, pro surfers and tourists.  The documentary premiered at The Belly Up (Solona Beach, CA) and the Music Box (San Diego, CA).

PROJECT ACTS:  HIRIE, Mike Pinto, Scott Russo (Unwritten Law), Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Tunnel Vision, Ease Up, DJ Man Cat, Hazmatt, Todo Mundo, Sister Juanita (Yovee), The Ambassedor, The Broken Stems, We Are Sirens


A bottom up creation of Savage Live Music held on a 500 capacity ship in Mission Bay, California.  Rock the Boat was an annual event which featured the region's top talent and a night of non-stop music by staggering sets between the ship's various decks.  The event was profitable from year one, raising thousands for local charities. 

PROJECT ACTS:  Katastro, Seedless, The Verigolds, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Ease Up, Franklin Manor, The Concrete Project, Deadly Birds, Kid Wilderness, Digital Lizards of Doom, Uprooted, Dead Feather Moon, DJ Man Cat, and more


SLM in partnership with Hitmark Group helped produce video content for KAABOO since year one.  KAABOO was San Diego's premier music festival which started in 2015 until it was sold in 2019 to Virgin Atlantic.  Unfortunately Virgin had to liquidate many assetts during the 2020 pandemic, including the KAABOO festival.  While Hitmark provided the videography talent, SLM provided logistics and personell to stage many of the scenes captured and used in the final edits.

With years of experience capturing the essence of live music, Hitmark continues to be SLM preferred partners for video and editing talent.



AudioNode paves the intersection between musicians and web3 digital assets.  Our mission is to help artists successfully utilize web3 platforms by building customized digital offerings which provide transparent value and a deeper engagement with their fanbase.  AudioNode provides free consultations aimed at analyzing musicians’ current digital footprint and building an digital strategy to achieve individual fundraising and community-building goals.  Our team has a pulse on this rapidly changing industry to help ensure artists are using the best platforms to maximize reach while protecting their fans’ digital investments.

Don't know what any of this means?  You will soon.

AudioNode launched Spring of 2021

AudioNode's PlusOne Platform is launching Fall 2023

PROJECT ACTS:  Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Swanny Ivy, LAW, Oran Juice Jones II, with many more to come...
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SLM founded and created this ground-up live music act beginning in 2009.  As the manager, agent, MD, and bass player, Savage transformed a bar party band into a national headliner within six years, and added three international tours within eight (Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea).  With multiple line-ups and the project leased to a new operator, the act performs over eighty shows at a year at top venues across the country.

Seeing the inner workings of hundreds of the world's top venues and major festival productions, Savage has learned the ropes of venue and festival operations from both sides of the fence.





Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

Baja, Mexico



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